Before I arrived at my first Barre class I was in constant pain with a lower back injury. After just one class I could bend and move with relative freedom. After attending just 3 classes I no longer need to attend physiotherapy and am almost pain free. I also practice the moves during the week to loosen up my back when it starts feeling tight. I cannot believe the difference these classes have made to my quality of life and I now feel young again!



I was drawn to Barre because of the promise of a chiseled physique. I had always been interested in Pilates but wanted something with high energy, and Barre is it. The classes complement my exercise regime wonderfully and the results speak for themselves. My core is more solid, more balanced. My thighs and butt are tighter and for that I am eternally grateful to Jen. And so is my husband! Jens passion, enthusiasm, patience and boundless energy comes through in each and every class and its difficult to find all those qualities in an instructor. Thanks Jen for all your support and encouragemen. I will certainly be making my way to the Barre very soon!



I am a 58 yr old female who has spent the last 20 + years keeping fit by regular gym classes and trying whatever the new fad of the day has been. However, about 12 months ago I started to feel my age (much to my dismay) and discovered that my knees no longer liked running and that boot camp was becoming too rigorous for my body. I was also bored with what I had been doing and  I started to feel quite down about growing older and not being able to maintain the vitality I have always had. Then a friend told me about Barre and how she thought it would be something I would like.

I thought I would give it a go and  I must admit I didnt know what to expect but I loved it from the first class!  It is strenuous and definitely not for the faint hearted but at the same time it is not the high impact exercise that my body cant take.  I am proud to say that I have gone from strength to strength, literally. There are a few sequences that initially  I was unable to do that I can now do through to the end. There are still a couple that I have yet to master, but I know I will and I love the fact that it is building strength and toning. 

I would highly recommend Xtend Barre to anyone and in particular Jen is a highly motivated and inspirational teacher who is always smiling and makes you feel that nothing is too much trouble.



I came to Barre to try and tone and strengthen my body after having my second baby. I was feeling really down about myself, and it seemed like it would be impossible to ever 'get my body back'

I was a bit worried that the class would be too full on and that I would be so tired afterwards that I would have a terrible afternoon trying to keep up with my crazy toddler and small baby but in fact quite the opposite is true. I love the class, can see my body changing incredibly quickly and walk out of each class feeling fantastic - great about myself and full of energy. My muscles feel like they have worked hard but definitely in a good way.

In the past I have never liked group exercise classes but I absolutely love Barre. It is fun, fast paced and never ever boring - that's really important to me because it is the only time in the week that I have away from both of my children so that hour is very precious!



I have enjoyed dancing since the age of five starting out with ballet, modern dance and jazz ballet classes and then progressing to ballroom dancing where I competed in the South Pacific Dance Championships in Sydney.  After sustaining a knee injury, which resulted in a knee reconstruction, I have not been able to dance since.  After many years of not dancing, or exercising, I decided to join FreshStart at Narrabeen and started off with Pilates and Yoga to obtain some overall fitness.  

I then discovered that there was a class at FreshStart called Xtend Barre so I decided to give it a try and after the first class I was hooked.  I love the combination of dance/barre exercises and I find I get a great workout because I am enjoying it so much I forget I am exercising.  After only a few classes and combining this with Pilates and Yoga I have already noticed a huge improvement in my fitness levels, overall strength and body shape.  Jen is a very motivational instructor and the class is so upbeat, with great music, that you come out feeling more energised.  I can thoroughly recommend Barre classes to anyone looking to improve their fitness levels, lose weight or just have fun. 



As an ex-ballet dancer and teacher, I was desperate to get back into shape after having my 3rd child. I had heard about Barre and was keen to try it as it combined the ballet technique I knew, as well as pilates principals and some cardio. From the first class I took, I loved the work out! It was a bonus that in no time at all I could see greater tone in my arms and legs. I can highly recommend Barre to anyone who wants to get fit, firm and have fun while they work out!



I am 54 years old and met Jenny at the supermarket where she was discussing extend barre with a friend of mine.  My interest was piqued at this point and together with my friend we decided to give it a try.  Speaking for myself, it is important to say that I did not enjoy exercise.  Extend barre, however has become the highlight of my week.  I now attend 2 classes and love them both.  My body has definitely started to become toned and stronger and I am definitely fitter and less stressed.  I would recommend all women to take the time for themselves each week and have some exercise that is fun, fulfilling and believe it or not even enjoyable.  Jenny is inspiring, fun and totally delightful, she makes it all worthwhile with her friendly and encouraging demeanor.











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